Should my friend rent to this girl?

She is 4 months pregnant, 19, father not in the picture. Her family is not around. She was kicked out of her last home. she says that she is "working on turning her life around". She also has a bunch of self harm scars on her arm. She is receiving social assistance from her First Nation.

My friend is 32, kind hearted with a good job. I don't want him to be in a position where he has to evict a single mother with a baby.

My friend owns his own home. He has asked me my opinion.


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  • Well he has to go into it knowing he is going to lose money. He can't expect to be compassionate and make money off her rent. He will have to look at it as charity or he will end up evicting her or just not fond of her as a tenant and that helps no one.


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  • Sometimes we all could use a break in life. She needs one

  • why can't you take your friend in?

    have you asked him first? how does he know if they get along? he might hate her guts. or she might hate him.


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  • If she has no where else to go - renting to her would be a way of helping her. It would be good for her - if he wants to he should.

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