What is your "type" and do you think it clashes with the physical characteristics that are prevailant in different races?

We may not all have a type (#raesremmurd), but we all definitely have people who we find attractive. What qualities do you find attractive in women/men? Do you think your preferences clash with the way each race is "supposed to look like" or do you think that in our modern day and age there are no physical limitations due to the mixed races we have? Personally, I like really dark skined guys, but I also like "white boy" noses, or what I have been lead to assume all handsome caucasion males noses look like. I also like soft, wavy hair that Spanish guys may have, and the soft skin that I've seen many Asian guys have on TV. Dont get the impression that I'm too ignorant to realize that all people come in different shapes and sizes, but with the way that people are portrayed in the media, we see different races through a scope, but we dont get the whole picture. The question remains, does your personal physical preference (you can list them if u want😁) clash with the way we have been lead to believe different races look like and how do we classify those "in between"📹 looks that much of the population has developed due to mixed races. And no, I'm not a teacher, I'm a teenager lol. And no, this is not an assignment, I'm genuinely interested in how we as people percieve one another.


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  • I like guys who have nice arms and may be a bit chubby. I like guys who have a nice smile and a nice jawline. I like guys who are tall and who smell nice. I like brown haired guys with tan skin. I don't like skin that is too dark but I don't like pale guys either. I like dark eyes. Green works too. I like guys with straight short hair. Yes I think it clashes with other races because most guys of other races besides Caucasian and Puerto Rican are too dark/light for my liking.