Who drinks craft beer and what's your favorite?

My go to beer is Sierra Nevada Torpedo, but I also like Russian Imperials like Old Rasputin and Sierra Nevada Narwhal. I also have never had a 3 Floyds product I didn't like

I'm sitting in a brand new brew pub in the city where I work. It's called Crooked Ewe. I'm enjoying a Turtle Tamer IPA. Could be colder, but the flavor is on the money


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  • My favorite beer is Modern Times Blackhouse with coconut and cocoa nibs :) omnomnom

    • Awesome... I don't know many females that enjoy stouts. founders makes an awesome breakfast stout, and Great Lakes makes a great higher abv stout called Blackout Stout. I'd love to try a stout from San Fran because the Cali hops are my favorite

    • Here in San Diego all females enjoy craft beer since its pretty much craft beer heaven :)

    • Great cali IPAs are Alpine Duet and Stone IPA

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  • I usually drink Heineken lager