What's the worst form of rejection you've gotten?

What's the worst kind of rejection you gotten whether it's before a date or post date? I'm not talking about a person just not being interested but if they said something rude or blew you off in a very rude way.

For me, a girl I had a date with the other day pretended not to know me once I texted her again today. Our date went ok and then she said it was nice meeting me once she got home from it.

Today, I texted her and her first response was who's this? A red flag popped up immediately and then I told her my name and she's like (my name)? And I said um are you serious it's me from the other night and then on top of that she asked if I had the right number because she didn't go to the bar we went to the other night.

I mean her not being interested is one thing but pretending not to know me as if I was messaging a stranger was bullshit. It makes me paranoid if i did something that weirded or creeped her out on the date. Oddly enough, she asked me if I was nervous on the date which I don't see how I came off that way, but her asking that put pressure on me and make me stumble on words a little bit on the date. Oddly enough we were texting all day the days leading up to it but once the date happened, she was very quiet.

Besides that, the other worse rejection I've gotten is when a girl just ignores you after a date without any explanation especially when you didn't see any sign that it was going downhill?

What are your experiences?

Turns out that girl who pretended not to know me was a different girl with the same name that I must have talked to a long time ago but forgot to delete lol. No wonder it didn't make sense, but it was a fuck up due to my own confusion.

Note to self, delete people from phone that I no longer talk to or when I do add someone make sure I get their last name or nickname lol.


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  • When I was 13 I had been talking to this guy from my class for a couple months and he even asked me to sneak out and meet him and have a picnic and cuddles under the stars, so I did, was great, the following week I asked him out since he wasn't doing it, he said he wasn't ready for a relationship and then we kinda stopped talking then a week later he was in a relationship with someone else 😂😂😂😭😭😭 I still crush on him but never had my shot


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  • Once my date got too drunk to come pick me up and then I ran into him later that night at a party.


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  • They said yes and then just had an excuse for whenever I tried to set up a date on why it wasn't a good time. Really got messy. A simple no right from the start would have made it less painful for everyone I think.

  • This girl just looked at me like I made a dead baby joke. I was like ok I guess thats a no.