Should anyone even rely on lie detector tests?

Those equipments are obviously not used in court for real crimes but not sure how reliable would that be. I've been watching certain Steve Wilkos shows where that's used to prove if someone had cheated all the way to proving if that person molested your child, etc.

But is it possible that maybe a couple of those tested really didn't do whatever they've been accused of on that show but the test still comes up that they lie. It would suck if I were one of those guest that really didn't do it but since the test comes out saying that I lie (when I didn't), I'm not believed. Or the test coming up that you didn't lie but you're really guilty.

For me that wouldn't be enough if I wanted to really accuse someone.

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Let's say on the worst scenario: The person really pass the test but they really did cheat on you.
Or they really didn't cheat on you but they fail the test because they are naturally nervous.


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  • Steve Wilkos will make the results in whatever way that allows him to throw a tantrum and a chair.

    They falsify a lot of things on those reality shows to create more drama.

    • True. For the cheating case, it would already be over for me. For the serious scenarios, I'm sure there would be physical evidence and behavioral patterns.

      I truly won't believe someone just because they pass the test. Who knows if that person can be trained to pass it.

    • Well the problem with polygraphs are that people are failing even when they don't lie. If you start stressing and hoping they believe you your heat rate increases because you're nervous and then it shows that you're lying when you aren't even lying.

  • You mean like some apps from App Store or Google Play? Those are just for fun. Do not Steve Wilkos though.


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  • I don't think they can always be accurate.

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