Whats with all this stupid war on women lies?

Democrats keep pushing this idea that women make 77 cents to the dollar that men make. Why do people beleive that bullshit.


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  • Possibly because it is true. Women now have more college degrees than men but men make more money and are in groups that promote from within. Women will work for less. Look at military and Haliberton where minimum wages are 100,000.00 how many women are in that business or on oil riggs, sports, there are so many professions that men are in higher demand

    • How about most women simply can't or won't do those jobs. Also women get degrees in worthless stuff.

    • Exactly, the majority of those college degrees are in pshycology and liberal arts. Where as men get engineering and other stem firelds degrees a lot more.

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  • They must have got their facts somewhere

  • Because they are ignorant lol.

    • Have you ever reseached why women make less, it has nothing to do with getting payed less. Where the heck do democrats get this idea that they get paid les then men.

    • I'm aware yeah, and the democrats do what they do best make crap, all to further their own political goals.