80s music poll: Favorite album by Latin Quarter/Easterhouse/Dream Academy?

Latin Quarter were an 80s left-wing pop-rock group, mostly known 4 their single “Radio Africa”. Apart from this they had many other nice songs. They were kinda more successful in Germany though, havin more hits beyond “Radio Africa”, both their albums “Modern Times” and “Mark and Caroline” were gr8.

Easterhouse was another pop-rock group wid similar-themed lyrics. Their most known hit was “Nineteen Sixty Nine”. Beyond dat this band is pretty unknown. But their album “Contenders” was pretty good.

Dream Academy were a dream-pop/new-wave band of dat era as well. “Life In A Northern Town” was a big-hit back then. “Love Parade” was also a minor-hit. But their debut self-titled album was gr8 generally…especially “New Light” song. :D

  • Modern Times (Latin Quarter)
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  • Mark and Caroline (Latin Quarter)
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  • Swimming Against The Stream (Latin Quarter)
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  • Contenders (Easterhouse)
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  • Waiting For The Redbird (Easterhouse)
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  • The Dream Academy (Dream Academy)
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  • Remembrance Days (Dream Academy)
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  • Dont know about others one but modern times i have heard of that and its good :)


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