Anyone else feel like life isn't worth living?

You never asked to be born into whatever you are
School and college is most for those that aren't on top of the food chain
Because of our biology we are enslaved certain gender roles
Having kids is NOT like the movies. They are tedious frustrating creatures
Relationships aren't fun
Marriage is overrated and a waste of money
Getting old and ugly isn't fun
Tons of people die everyday
People are being tortured, raped and burned alive as we 1st world people bitch about small things
Most of your friends aren't really your friends
There is a 50/50 chance god and religion is all BS
Nature sucks. It's not like the movies.
Getting cuts or feeling pain isn't fun
Love is a chemical reaction, not a magical thing
Taking showers is tedious
Shaving your face hair or body is tedious
Cleaning your clths is tedious
Work isn't fun. we work to survival really

Why again do I wake up? The world is fake, people are fake and life will always be unfair. Everyday we must wake up to such a tedious existence


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  • Many people do.


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  • well, i believe in an afterlife. so i dont really get to bummed out about his one. its more like going to class in this world, and actually getting paid for work in the next one.

  • Why not being the light in the darkness?

    Why don't you influence the people around you with goodness and love?

  • Oh great, is it Monday again already?

  • Loser speak. You don't really know anything.

  • You got the make life cater to you. That is the secret of the rich.

  • life is tough, duh..

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