Does Japan still have plans for constructing "Ghibli Land" theme park or will it just be a fantasy?

I hope they construct it, knowing Ghibli studios have come a long way, plus I love anime, which is why I choose Ghibli as my screen name. Walt Disney and Universal studios have their own theme park, so now it's Ghibli's turn.


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  • Hmm... I associate theme parks with plastic and rollercoasters and fakeness. The opposite of Ghibli movies.

  • Well China's theme park is better ^_^. It helps to have 1.3 billion people paying some taxes

    • What's the name of it?

      I heard Bejing China is getting a universal studio.

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    • Some of the bans are ridiculous in my opinion too but the society here is not used to as many things as other societies I guess. Change takes time...

    • Whenever china has it's next presidential election, please vote against Xi Jinping, cause deep down, he doesn't care about Chinese citizens, he just loves to ban stuff to feed his ego. He is living in the past back when Mao was running things in 1950's. Mao was a hypocrite, he declared war on adult entertainment, didn't want his people to enjoy it but he himself loved it.

  • Never heard of that...