What's your idea of a steamy love scene in a movie?


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  • I come home (assuming my girls still at work). I strip down. I hop in the shower. The steam making my body sweat all over. Suddenly I feel arms wrapped around my waist. My girlfriends home early and she's joined me in the shower.

    I pin her body against the wall and lift those legs. I bite her lip as we kiss. My lips begin to follow the water as it trickles down her neck. I slirp it off. Mmm... Got my girl wet haha. Then it trickles down to her shoulder. Phew its getting steamy in here!

    So it trickles down to her shoulders. I kiss it off. Then it trickles to her boobs. I suck it off her nipples. The water continues to trickle past her belly button and down to her hips. I keep her lifted against the wall as I slide on down her body. I grip her hips and open her legs wider.

    Steamy enough, eh?


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  • I prefer a more romantic setting than steaminess

  • Having sex in the shower..
    My life goal. It's my fantasy. xD