My house is hounted whats best a priest or supernatural professional?

So I bought this really nice house for an incredible price and since i move in its been hell and im not Reilly that happy to own my own home at such a young age , onetime i came home fron work , my pots, pans , plates and all of my kitchen supplies were all broken and on the floor. the tv truns on by it self doors open by them selfs , the microvawe truns on by it self. Now what its freaking me out is that i saw a 17century dude and a little girl giggle just standing and out of no where they just disappear, they. Didn't seem happy about me moving there. first off i didn't use to believe into this paranormal crap but trust me its real and its happened much more i reather be at work then staying at my home, i try telling ny mom about it but she thinks that i been drink to much and that im just seeing things. The question is should get a priest to bless my home or should I contact a supernatural Invertigeter? Its not a joke its serious


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    set up a video camera jackass

    • Its not a joke i wants serious answers , you think this is funny

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    • Listen you dumb shit im white , and if your just here to goof off about it two words , FUCK OFF! its that simple

    • soon your message would be considerable different if you were black?