Computer science majors, what should I expect?

I'm going into college soon and I'm choosing computer science as my major, tips, advice, anything you have to say will appreciated!


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  • Whatever you want to do , DO IT NOW.
    When the courses start coming , you'll be sleeping on your keyboard.
    STEM is HARDCORE , but the pay after graduation is fucking ridiculous. I am talking about 6 figures.

    The 4 years in school is gonna be rough as nails tho.


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  • Get acquainted with the professors that are teaching what you are majoring in because they would be able to help you and are willing to help you don't pass up on the opportunity

  • get ready for a whole FUCK TON of coding and more work than you have ever done in your life

    i'm an EE by the way

    • Coding is expected. Did you enjoy learning coding or was it strictly business for you?

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    • also for the love of GOD go to an engineering school not a regular college

      engineering school is better because the vast majority are nerds! and everyone respects you if you do well

    • because they know how hard it is