Stalking a girl on facebook 101?

ok so this girl i like i stalk on facebook. no shame we all do it. im not friends with her. i see when she posts but not when others post. can you block only friends posts? i can see when people respond to her post. and also she hasn't had a new post in 3 weeks, does this mean she's not posting or can you block some of your posts? she has some personal posts so why post some and block others. only reason i care is because i will be jealous if i saw other guys post.

and i just look fromm time to time not really stalk

posting this here for old and wiser. yea because stalking 101 is meant to be a series subject matter. think your reachin on things a bit to far. but YOU want to play like you are wise and have the answers so I will let you. also you call me immature but you block post so you can get last word in. real mature.


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  • "no shame we all do it." NO. . . WE. . . DON'T !!! You are sick and you can take this bow all alone.

    • old man river your 60 your in a different generation then us. you probly barley know how to use a computer. I know kids my age check fb

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    • and I used the term jokingly. think this. if looking at a girls profile it creepy why does facebook even exist? we can get into contact with friends with out broadcasting pictures and info to the rest of the world. twitter facebook instagram everyone craves the attention.

    • You said, "this girl i like i stalk on facebook." It was your choice of words. Now you claim it was a joke; how many people laughed? "It was a joke" is what people say when they screw up and don't want to be held accountable for what they said. Children make excuses but adults take responsibility; however, I did note that you also said, " I know kids my age check fb," so apparently you still think of yourself as a kid at age 25-29, so I will attribute all of this to your self-professed immaturity.

      Looking at someone's page once to determine whether you want to send a friend request is acceptable. GO back to their page repeatedly, as you apparently do, is stalking and no one who has responded has said, "yes, that's normal, you're fine."

      So, if you want to respond once more to insist that you are right and everyone else is wrong, have at it, but you will just be proving how immature you are. You are not listening so I won't respond further.

  • "we all do it" no we don't. Don't be so full of yourself and assume if you have a very creepy characteristic then everyone else must have it as well to justify it.

    • if I made a poll id say 8 out of 10 have looked at someone they like on fb. its why fb exists. and I don't see why looking at pictures is a very creepy characteristic. you do it

  • Sounds a bit creepy to me

  • Uh no one is going to help you stalk someone lol.

  • People can only see you if you post.

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