What do you think are you satisfied with your job?

what do you think are you satisfied with your job?
What kind of job you are in?
If no, why so?


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  • Yes I am happy in my job

  • I don't got a job and have no plans on getting one. I refuse to work for money. If I work, I want it be a job that involves making innovative inventions or something really useful for humans such as free energy.

  • No, I'm not, don't really have a job.

    • Do what do u do for living?

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    • Oh really
      I dont think so

    • From the USA, in Georgia. It's one thing after the other, everything is to expensive. My dad has been driving my car everyday for several years, his is broken down, the 3rd is mine also and has no insurance on it. I guess you could say my current job is selling my first vehicle, but how much can you sell a nice conversion van with over 300,000 miles on it? :(