Are any of you guys here experienced with Net Marketing?

i bet at least 40% of you are...

well last month i became an affiliate of this company called Worldventures. dont know how many of you guys heard of it but its basically a really powerful company right now that focuses on vacations and traveling. though i'm currently not a big traveler myself i still joined them as i am planning on traveling around the world after i finish school and start my career. i also joined them because i always wanted to take part in the Net Market as this is basically the only thing that has holds today's economy by the balls.

anyways, the leaders of Worldventures who live here in my state hold meetings and events here on a weekly basis. my job is to try to invite people to these meetings so they can see how the company works, etc. i need to get at least four people to join in order to officially be part of the company but so far its been a drag. every time try to i invite someone they always get super paranoid and tell me things like...

- what's it about?

- is one of those rip off marketing pyramids, huh?

- wtf are you trying to sell me?

- and the list goes on and on.

but this is where my weakness is at. i dont want to tell these people was is all about because then it will sound like a gimmick and they won't go. i want them to go to the meetings and find out for themselves, but any advice on how i should do this?

PS= notice how i'm not uploading any links or trying to get anyone here to sign up, etc. so mods please dont get the wrong idea and delete my post.


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  • You know that reputable companies don't need their peons to help them find employees, right? I think your friends may be right about the scam feels :c

    • no they're just paranoid and cynical. if you lived in my state i would of invited you to one of the meetings so you can see for yourself.

      anyways i'm not really trying to recruit anyone to become employees. we are just trying to get new members to join in order to expand the company more further

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    • walmart doesn't need to. they are already a multibillion dollar company.

      plus we aren't a store, we are a travelling company that offers vacation to random places in the world. packed with 4-5 stars and above resort

    • Do people not have the internet or access to travel agents anymore?

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