80s music poll: Favorite album by The Monochrome Set/Pulp/Armoury Show?

The Monochrome Set were a new-wave/indie-pop band active in da 1st half of da 80s. From wot I see they didn’t have any particular hit, so they were a cult band mostly. All their albums were nice in my opinion, wid my fav being “The Lost Weekend”.

Many people don’t know dat 90s popular Brit-pop/Alternative-rock band Pulp, x-isted during da 80s releasing 2 albums back then. Their album “It” was an indie-pop album similar wid other Indie-bands from dat era like Pale Fountains or Lotus Eaters. Their 2nd album "Freaks" was more “gothic rock”. This syle didn’t suit ‘em in my opinion, and probably that’s y they didn’t become successful back then. Their 90s works were much superior obviously.

The Armoury Show were an 1-album band, releasing an album called “Waiting For The Floods”. Very good.

  • Strange Boutique (The Monochrome Set)
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  • Love Zombies (The Monochrome Set)
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  • Eligible Bachelors (The Monochrome Set)
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  • The Lost Weekend (The Monochrome Set)
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  • It (Pulp)
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  • Freaks (Pulp)
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  • Waithing For The Floods (The Armoury Show)
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  • The monochrome set eligible bachelors because of the mating game.

    • Glad there 's another person who knows these guys :)

    • The monochrome set were actually well known I thought.
      Pulp more so but obviously their most famous stuff wasn't in the 80's

    • Yeah Pulp were one of da most known bands from da 90s

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