Why the majority of OPINIONS in the questions are usually from the MALE users and not the Female users?

According to this servey I made before https://www.girlsaskguys.com/girlsaskguys/q1499653-general-survey-1-what-is-your-sex-not-gender (Females 60% - Males 40%): this site has Female users majority, yet in the questions the overall majority of the oppions will be from Male users. Or at lease from what I have seen.

What is the possible reason for this conradiction?

Please provide comments and opinions even, after you vote.

  • The survey is wrong and this site really has Male users majority. (Please vote to correct it)
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  • Females users tend to share less in this site.
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  • I am just unlucky and in reality Female users DO usually make more opinions than Male users.
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  • You Don't know like me and want to see the results.
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Still no conclusive trend...
@MrOracle @Paris13 @ArabianPwincess197
Yes, but according to a vote I made before, this site has 60% of it users are Females. So even 50-50 is a little confusing.
This is why I asked this question ^_^


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  • While GAG has a higher-than-average female presence compared to the average website (most of which skew strongly male), I still suspect that there are more men here than women.

    I also suspect that men are more used to having to be publicly "forward", and so are more likely to share their opinions, while women are a little less comfortable doing so, on average.

    So, in my opinion, both of those would be factors as to why there are more male opinions than female opinions here.

    Of course, I don't have the raw numbers available either, so we could all be wrong.

    • Yeah, I also think it is a combination of the two, but I put more weight on "Men being relatively more open than Women", and that women on average tend to use this site mainly to Ask and Read the answers.
      But like you said, I might need the raw numbers from the site database (Which I doubt I can have) .

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  • Because men don't know when to shut up? ;D

    I don't think it's a contradiction. I'm betting the majority of questions on this site are sexual in nature and that seems to be an area where men gravitate more to than women.

    • So you think it depends on the type of the questions? and so as a result it will lead to option "B"?

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    • It's not about sharing less. It's about the majority of women in my opinion not interested in sex questions that seem repetitive. As well as women not answering questions that are targeted towards men sometimes.

      I've noticed women do this when I ask questions about men but guys will always answer a question that is deemed only for women,

    • Yeah that is what I mean, posting less in THIS site RELATIVELY to men. This includes men posting MORE too. :)
      Thanks for sharing.

  • I help a lot of females on here, @Not_Exactly, it seems. xx

    • Yeah I know :) .
      But don't you agree about the majority of male opinions in Most of the questions? and if so, what do you think are the possible causes for this trend?

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    • Well thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, so welcome and glad to have been able to oblige some... sorry to confuse you... xx

  • Hey

    So you're asking why more males answer questions than females. Haven't noticed that tbh I thought it depends on the question

    • I am talking about the overall number of questions,
      Do you agree that males answer more? If so why? (May be A, B)
      Or is it only just the questions I see and in reality females answer more? (C )

    • I think it depends on the questions tbh. There are some questions men tend to answer more and others women

  • I agree I find that often times there are a lot more men answering than men.

  • who the hell really knows?

    • But you do agree with what I said? Female users majority and Male opinion majority?

  • All of my questions, and I have asked many over the last year, all are answered predominantly by men. The ration is like 4:1.
    I don't know why, perhaps the questions I ask. The women on this site seem not to be interested in the same type of things as me so are not interested in my questions.

    • Should have voted to option 2 then. :P

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    • You mean B and C and chose D? Yes, ha!

    • Thanks for sharing.

What Guys Said 2

  • I actually think there are more male users than female users on the site.

  • Because girls don't care for anyone and are selfish. That's why i am considering to leave this site.

    • So much negativity I see :P. I try to think of it may they want to see what others say without expressing themselves.
      BTW: Both of those are considered the 2nd choice (or choice B if you like).
      Thanks for sharing.

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