Why do underage drinkers get mad at pot smokers?

Why do people who drink underage get mad at people who smoke weed?

One time in college a girl got mad at me because I was smoking weed at a party and her only excuse was that it's illegal and she said this while drinking underage. I told her what she was doing was illegal and she said well it's gonna be legal someday. And I replied with well until you're 21, it's still illegal. That's like a person who illegally owns a gun saying it'll be legal once I get a foid card.

I mean I can understand a straight edge person who doesn't do anything being against weed. While I still disagree with them, they at least have a leg to stand on in their argument. Besides I've never seen a person violent on weed but I've seen plenty of people get violent while drunk. I mean I'm not saying ban alcohol obviously but there are people who shouldn't touch alcohol because they can't handle themselves.


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  • You make a good point


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  • I've been to a lot of parties and gatherings and festivals... It's always the coke heads, the drunks and the ketamine zombies who are the issue. And the zombies are just annoying and smelly.

    • One time I went to mayhem fest with some friends and my buddy's girlfriend who was very naive and sheltered called security on guys who were smoking weed in front of her. I was stoned off my ass that day but she just thought I was tired because my eyes were chink eyed like they usually are when I smoke lol and she thought i was tired. I just went along with it haha.

      What's even funnier is she's like who smokes weed at a concert? I was like are you serious? Have you not watched tv?

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