So there was a party?

Almost every Friday we go out with friends to clubs etc... because we're YOUNG.

So there were 2 girls there sitting... I smiled approached etc... but soon one started, actually both asking me for drink, I said no. Then she was just like blah blah what kind of a men you are (I wasn't even listening to her) blah blah... I said what are you fucking gold digger. If I'll "like" the girl I'll pay, but not after 5 minutes when we meet... and they were upset and I was just smilling.

I'm not like most of guys who see girl and are just paying her drink because she's beautiful... (NEVER boost a girls EGO)

Do you think I did it right?


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  • YESSSSSS fuck entitled bitches if anything being like this probably made them like you more... well maybe not if you just gave em a big sarcastic smile haha then they'll think you're too much of an asshole

    but don't get me wrong bitches love having guys tell them no and to shutup haha but only in the right amounts

    • yeah, I don't like bitches. I just ignore them...

    • haha my man!

      but also bitches LOVE it when you do that

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  • No wrong... but u could b a little bit more polite i guess

    • but asking for drink is polite?

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    • "I said what are you fucking gold digger"<---- i mean u should've avoid this

    • not really... gold diggers deserved it!

  • Why would you "NEVER boost a girls EGO?"

    • really? Because they act after that they are only one in the world. You should never do that.

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