I got really drunk and tried to hook up with my best friend. How do I apologize?

I got really drunk last night and I don't remember much. One of my friends dropped me back off at my apartment and I guess I called my best friend. He said that I called him slurring and he couldn't really piece it together so he just came over to check on me. I guess when he got there I tried undressing him and when he wouldn't let me I started to undress myself but he stopped me and he went to hide in the bathroom... I started throwing up and when I was done he made me get in the shower and when he put me in bed he just got in bed too. I remember bits and pieces of that so I know we didn't actually do anything so he isn't lying but I am SO embarrassed. I don't even know how to apologize for something like that.


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  • I'd say cut out the apology part :) He's been a gentleman who didn't take advantage of you while you were intoxicated and you're lucky to have him as your best friend.

    Leave it behind and drink what you can hold - always safer. Next time you may not find him or a similar guy around :)

    • I ended up trying to apologize yesterday but he wouldn't let me. I was having a rough night and decided to go for the tequila which is never a good idea... I don't plan on doing that again. I couldn't even walk and he said that I fell three times just trying to take off my clothes... I was a disaster.

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    • *would you

    • I already have done that and more many times through my lifetime. I am not a monogamous person but I have certain principles that I abide by :)

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  • Hey shit happens at least he didn't take advantage of u that is the wonderful part and I bet he is an understanding man

    • He really is. I am really thankful he didn't try anything. When I woke this morning I felt like shit and he took care of me and kinda laughed off what I did last night and said he would never take advantage of me especially if I can barely walk and talk.