Can I make it to an ivy college?

So in my school (8th grade) we have three level math classes 1. Math 8 2. Regents algebra 1 3. Regents algebra 1 accelerated. I'm in math 8, the lowest of the classes, the other classes are all high school classes. I want to know if I can make it to ivy because I am well above average in my other classes, I am just bad at math, not terrible just not in a regents class. I recently learned that in hs by senior year a student in my class can make it to the top 2 classes, which is extremely difficult. I am up for it but I want to know if I am able to make it to the Ivies based on where I am now. My dream is to go to one of them, please help☺️


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  • Hard to tell. You do not have SAT/ACT yet.
    Give my situation as a comparison (I am an international student):
    SAT 2140 with Reading 660, Math 780, and Writing 700, multiple social activities, community works, and GPA 3.76.
    First-year application:
    Offer: Georgetown University, New York University, College of the Holy Cross, College of William and Mary, Boston College, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles.
    Rejection: Harvard University, Columbia University, Pennsylvania University, Williams College, Swarthmore College, Hamilton College, Colgate University.
    (Finally picked College of the Holy Cross.)
    Transfer application (with same SAT, GPA 3.85 and a bit more activities):
    Offer: University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Swarthmore College, Wesleyan University, Washington and Lee University.
    Rejection: University of Chicago, Columbia University (again), Yale University, Princeton University.
    (Now I am still not decided because I recently receive my admission letter as I was in the waiting list.)

    • Pennsylvania University is the University of Pennsylvania, and I was also rejected by Vassar College during my first-year application.
      Hope I provided a valuable comparison.

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  • You can't tell in 8th grade. If you graduate college with above a 4.0, many credits in arts, music, and a high regard from your influential teachers AND can write a killer essay then maybe.

    Oh. And you need connections. Ivy league colleges love their grandchildren but are not kind to their children.

    If your parents went to an ivy league college then you're very likely to get in. If they didn't... well, you have a tough row to hoe going forward.

  • Where there's a will, there's a way. Keep persisting and working hard and you just might end up in Ivy League.


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  • Getting accepted to an Ivy League school will be hugely complicated and your coursework in math alone will not be a deciding factor.

    Depends on the school you apply to as well.

    If I were you I'd rethink the Ivy League thing. Most do not offer a great undergraduate experience or education. And a good student can get a great education at any decent school. (I say this coming from a Yale family.) Consider a state school with facilities and an environment you enjoy. You'll be very glad you did. Mark my words.

  • What is Ivy league?

  • You have to rate very highly academically or you have to be rich. So I guess work on your math skills or buy a lot of lottery tickets.