How can people believe in any particular religion?

The odds of any single religion being correct is 1/(# of the religions) assuming one religion is correct. There are so many religions which were quite clearly designed by humans, such as scientology, for political and social power. Even if there was a true religion at one point, religion typically changes over the course of millenia and its morality/ethics adapt to the current society, as well as the various traditions. Religions are also modified by opportunistic religious leaders to advance their own agendas--the catholic church is a primary example.

Furthermore, people's visions or experiences or hallucinations almost never indicate a particular faith. Some people, like the great scientist francis collins of the human genome project, saw three frozen rivers one day and lept to the conclusion that therefore the trinity must be correct. Or people experience feelings or whatever, but that is hardly compelling since humans are highly unreliable and subject to a variety of influences.

The only reasonable position to take is undetermined agnosticism--which is to claim that you don't even have the knowledge required to say what the probabilities of the truth of God (s) are. Its simply complete ingorance because of a complete lack of necessary knowledge to take such a position. Even strong atheism, where people know there is no God, is just as false because no one has any special knowledge which would prove God one way or the other.

Therefore, I think most people are religious purely for social reasons--they're trying to fit into the community better or are appeasing their friends and family by trying to fit in. Deism is the only position you could reasonably take (the belief that there is a God but you don't know what his intentions are). However, even then you have no proof; but to go from this to God cares about whether we masturbate or whether we accept homosexuals is preposterous. People need to embrace ignorance because nobodyknows the truth or has special info

If you're one of those idiots who's going to come in here and cry about me supposedly ranting about religion or being argumentative, you're a hypocritical idiot and you shouldn't be here if it bothers you so much. Please grow up. Furthermore I don't care if you're insulted so just deal with it. Thank you to everyone else who is reasonable and enjoys a discussion.
I warned oversensitive idiots like KFettario to stay away but i guess i shouldn't expect foolis, stupi, little girls like her not to take everything personally and get offended


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  • Hi! I think this is an interesting viewpoint you have there. I deal with things through a scientific mind too, so I don't totally believe in gods (allow me to explain that later). My religion is Buddhism, and from what I know about it, the idea of Buddhism isn't quite about worshipping a god, cos Buddha was a human too, just that he understood the world very much and hence was revered as enlightened. So in that sense Buddha is a role model to look up to, and Buddhism kind of teaches us to accept that life's full of suffering, and you've got to deal with it using calmness and compassion. Something like that.

    Anyway back to your question, I believe in Buddhism because it provides me with a framework to deal with life's problems. I do feel that with Catholicism and Christianity (I studied in a Catholic school previously), the praying to Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary can help psychologically soothe a person's mind. It helps sometimes to imagine that you are a part of something bigger, and that life goes beyond what you know consciously, and perhaps if you face troubles, you're not in it alone and there's someone to fall back on (your god). I'm not very familiar with Islam but I believe they do rely on theirs too.

    Along ethical lines, it also helps to have a consolidated approach to impart morals. In the past it was probably very difficult to justify why you shouldn't kill a person, and hence religion comes into play. The idea of gods suggests a higher power, and if someone more powerful tells you something is wrong, you don't do it. I think this is a common factor across all religions, the laying down of what is right and wrong. Most mainstream religions: Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Chirstianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, etc, teach us to be kind and compassionate to others.

    In essence as you so succinctly pointed out, it is our desire to fit into society. Being social creatures, there needs to be ethical rules and guidelines to abide by, and a common cause to believe in. Being sentient beings with intelligence, early humans would've wanted an explanation for the way the world worked, and so believed in a higher power. Today, religion unites people across borders and places of worship are where social events like weddings take place. Religion still serves a purpose for us, and many find meaning in life with religion as a guide. Therefore, people still do believe in religions.

    What do you think?

    • Hmm well buddhism in your case doesn't sound like a religion, more like a philosophy and way of life. The difference between philosophy and religion is the supernatural. I mean do you believe in reincarnation and past lives, etc?

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    • What if god has A sense of humor and only sends people who respect religion to hell lol?

    • Ah well in that case I would be reassured that other like-minded people are in it with me haha XD (Just a disclaimer I don't quite believe in the idea of a heaven and hell, and I'm not sure about reincarnation either... )

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  • thanks for the pghs but this affected me, a religious person in no way whatsoever :)
    just realise that anyone with a faith will only find this amusing. #sorrynotsorry

    • thats because the religious have to try and rationalize religious beliefs to avoid thinking about how irrational they are. I couldnt care less if they find this amusing or not; just because its supposedly amusing doesn't mean its wrong.

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    • who said I'm trying to rationalise it? I'm not trying to prove it to u at all. i dont care what u do or dont believe in.

      no I'm not taking anything personally, chill. I'm just bored of u, 9 days later.

    • What makes you think I care whether you're bored or whether you care about my supposed beliefs. I'm just curious how people like you believe in such irrational nonsense.

  • Atheism seems like the correct one to me

  • ... why is this question in sexual behaviour? But ignoring that yes i do agree tho for different reasons

    • whoops i meant to put into other lol. Not the most sexually stimulating topic I've seen.

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    • yeah he's hilerious

    • Lol. if you like him try ebolaworld messed up bible stories

  • Interesting... but you are incorrect. I believe what I believe because I think it is right.

    • And what makes you think you're a reliable authority on what is right? You're believe because you believe you are right which therefore allows you to believe? Thats circular reasoning; the hallmark of many religious people.

    • I said I believe it is right. Not I believe because I believe. You listen to one sentence and accuse me of circular logic and question my ability to reason for myself? You are quite the child. Do you come on here in hopes of picking religious fights? Immature. Had you wanted a real discussion, I might have gone along. You are just a troll, though. Good day

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  • I believe my religion to be right, but at the same time I take the time to study other religions and give them a unbiased look. Just because I think my religion is right does not mean other religions do not make good points or even paths we should follow.

    At the end of the day religion is no different from groups, politicians etc in the way that we all think our way is the right way it's simply human nature to think that, especially when involved in a religion were thousands or millions of people think the same way you do.

    • But on what basis do you say you're more correc? You see at least politics can be based on empirical data and the results can be observed in order to judge their effectivenes. You seem like a rational person so what rationale do you have for saying those other religions are not right? And on what authority do you claim to have the abiloty to say ypur religion is right and others are not? That would require special knowledge that you don't have

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    • Would it really matter in the end?

      Are wanting evidence just that there is a higher power in general or that my religion is right? because every religion see's theirs as the right and true one and I can not show you any evidence except my own personal thoughts on it in regards to the latter.

      Honestly I am tired today and have company right now, perhaps tomorrow or the next day.

    • your personal thoughts and feelings are just as reliabkr as the terrorist who thinks allah has commanded him to bomb a building.

  • To add to your last paragraph, another reason people are religious is because they were brought up to be, by their parents. If in your childhood and indeed your entire life you are told there is a bearded man in the sky who controls everything (or indeed anything else you are told, for example the existence of father Christmas or santa claus, or even the tooth fairy), granted this 'knowledge' is not challenged until much later in your life, it is very unlikely the thought of doubting that is ever going to occur to you.

    I remember being very upset when I was told it were in fact my parents who put all those presents underneath the tree every December.

  • I think the main reason people hold onto religion is because they don't know what do without it. It's their way of life and their meaning of life. Without religion, these people feel bad, lose all hope and meaning of life. I don't believe in any religion, but I am spiritual. I believe in God. But I don't think God wants to be worshiped. What God wants from people is for people to decide. God gave every human free will. With my free will, I want to do what I believe to be good and right. But these are my beliefs. I don't push my beliefs onto other people. That being said, I have to pretend to be a Muslim because the neighborhood I live in isn't really tolerant about apostasy. I feel like I'm the only one in NYC who sees the flaws of all existing religions. When I tried explaining that Islam is flawed, inconsistent and that the god in the Quran and Bible are extraterrestrials pretending to be God, my parents were really sad and disappointed with my views. I told them that every religion is false. They didn't want to listen to what I wanted to say anymore, so I promised to keep my mouth shut and never explain my views again. I am still secretly irreligious. I am forced to pray at the mosque every Friday , while my younger brother never had to pray a single day of his life. It's a double standard in my house, the girls in my house prefer my younger brother because he looks sexy, is more intelligent than me regarding school work, and more socially acceptable. I think my dad secretly wished my younger brother was his firstborn instead of me. Even so, I'm held responsible for every problem within my family. I'm often blamed for everything when things go wrong. But I have no choice. I don't got a job and I have to listen to everything my parents want even if it kills me inside. I feel like a modern slave. I'm not even allowed to talk to girls. My younger brother has already made out with girls and had sex. I never even talked to girls outside of my house. I suppressed my sexual desires for the sake of Islam and my family's reputation. I hit rock bottom 12 years ago and I am still seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I make some sense, I just wish I knew what true freedom was because all of these lies of America being a land for the free is just false. Slavery still exists in America, I'm a slave. One day, I hope I can express my true self to the world.

    • Why would you still go to mosque when you don't even believe? You're just wasting your life to something you have rejected. Maybe you have secret fears that god will be upset woth you and send you to hell?

    • I'm forced to go the mosque. If I don't go, the people in my neighborhood will not hesitate to kill me. I don't have any secret fears of God being upset with me and sending me to hell. I don't believe in hell.

    • Leave your shit neighborhood then. Don't stand by those assholes. Move to am area where you can live without intimidatiom from a bunch of irrational morons

  • Most often, they were raised into that religion by their parents. Why do you think religion is mostly based on region?

    Hell, even in a small country like the Netherlands, we have had differing religions, based purely on which village or city you lived in. These "barriers" were often defined by the major rivers. Cross a river, and the majority religion would suddenly be Protestantism, rather than Catholicism.

    If there really was one single "true" religion with convincing evidence that this religion was right, and all the others were not, then these barriers would not exist.

  • Look dude stop having a bitch fit. Some people follow a religion and some don't.
    Who gives a shit?
    There are many religions and you're making simple minded generalisations.

    Just get on with your life, you only live once right. So why spend your time bitching about religion like it's your Ex.
    Fix up and make better decisions!

    • you're retarded. who gives a shit if some people like tk debate religion? why are you on here having a bitch fit about my supposed bitch fit? just get on with your life and stop trying to police threads you dont like. why spend your time bitching about those who like debating religion? you're hypocritical and an idiot. and you go anonymous why makes you even mote stupid. you wouldn't want to sully your already anon profile with your nonsense and stupidity. so look, some people debate and some people dont. and im not making any simple minded general8zations, your simple mind just csnt fathom the arguments. either join the debatebor gtfo. dont spend time crying and being butthurt that some people argue against religion and find debate fun. and no you can't just reverse this on me like a predictable fool because you said it first, and i dont actually really care, im just showing you your hypocrisy and irony by pretending. you're even more retarded if you try to do the infinite regress argument

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    • Guess you can't disprove my god then...

    • Nor can i disprove the celestial teapot. You probably aren't educated enough to be aware of Russell Bertrand's teapot but the idea is to address an argument from ignorance. You're implying that God is either real or likely because I can't disprove God. But the problem is obviously that I can apply that same argument to scientology, or zeus, or thor, or apollo, or baal. So another complete fallacy from you.

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