Which way is best to make money?

Do you have to go to college /school to be successful or can you just show off what you have. Like I know people that went to college and got a career and now their life is great. But I also now people that didn't go to any type of school and they just start off as like a stripper or something slutty and then start modeling and all of sudden their on tv and their rich (ex. Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, etc.) So my question is it possible to be successful just from having the perfect body (face, boobs, ass) or do you actually have to do everything the hard way?


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  • Most upper-middle class people, not including those in the 1% upper/wealthy class, have great college and university experience, so it is better to go to hold a nice advanced degree.

    • Alright thanks

    • No problem. Becoming high-profile actors and actresses is not easy, and it really depends on chances.
      Sometimes even you are great, you might be ignored.
      But if you hold a degree, such as Master of Science in Financial Mathematics which I am pursuing, it is much more likely to be recruited by international banks and become the top 10%, or very possibly 5%.

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  • u should... find a treasure just like pirate did 8)

    • Oh OK Lol I'm not sure what that means

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  • you should go to school.

    • Alright thanks it just makes me kinda mad to see that girls are becoming successful just for looks