Do you think you can win pretty much any argument with these tactics?

1. Use ad hominem attacks against the opponent or the group of opponents

2. Deny everything

I realized that this is pretty much what atheists do when debating us.


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  • If you are a intelligent Christian, you should be able to delineate the difference between a rebel atheist and a true atheist. A rebel atheist is usually someone pissed because their parents rammed the Bible down there throats all their lives, or they are a homosexuals who believe - falsely - that the Bible calls for damnation of all gays. When you debate them you are merely replacing daddy or your local conservative. A true atheist is reflective of the Greek a (without) + theism ( religious belief). They never promulgate their thoughts, and they could give a shit about yours.


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  • Don't debate Athiests or Liberals. I tried debating an atheist on here the other day and all I got was anger and convoluted logic.


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