Ladies, do you know that good looking guys get used a lot too?

Good looking women are not the only ones that get used a lot. I have known many good looking guys that have been used, and many women did things to them, like going on dates with them and these women knew from the beginning that they only were going to have one date with them, they just wanted to spend time with a ''cute'' guy. Even many of the so called ''nice'' girls have done this to the good looking guys that I have known as well. People make it seem that only the good looking women get used. Good looking people of both genders get used a lot unfortunately.

Everyone gets used but good looking men and women get used more.
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  • I guess maybe as boy candy!

    • People make it seem that only good looking women get used.

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    • Yes I do! But you do know that every single person in this planet would say the same thing if you ask them individual... do you think you get used more? They would all say yes. for ex, I would say I get used more because I am a women and was sexually harss and laugh and taken advanage by guys. I think your a bit selfish tbh!

    • No I'm not selfish

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  • I agree. A lot of girls would ignore me, but at public events they would come up and hug me in front of others and want to take pictures. Also, they would come up and talk to the guys I was talking to, like we're all buddies or something. I can't say I have any close friends.

    Admittedly I used to use guys for attention/friends, from the age of 13-18. The guys initiated all the time, got clingy, sexual and then I would have to dump them. It was like my only way to get social interaction and much needed attention... but they always wanted more than friendship.


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  • Yea! I'm so tired of being used as sex machines for women! I want equality!!

    ... wait... wtf am I talking about. I'm gay. Pssh. I'm out.

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    • Not interested in you. You are pauper where did you get the gold from - did you rob a store?

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