Marooned on an Island what person, food, movies, and drinks would you bring?

Punished for 5 years on an stranded Island, no civilization in site but you get a choice of one hot chick, or guy, famous or not, two foods to eat, three drinks, and four movies to watch on a television set your captors were able to somehow hook up... what and who would they be?


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  • Hot chick:
    My hot girlfriend

    Rice (easy to digest) and a some sort of vegetable or fruit with a lot of nutrients... maybe orange or avocado or something like that. Certainly no meat or fish because a lack of vitamins makes you very sick very soon (scurvy and diseases like that). If possible, I would try to hunt some fish in the shallow water or look for small animals such as mice or rabbits or birds in the center of the island.

    Fresh water, milk (for some nutrients and because it's tasty) and something that's fun to drink... maybe a good wine or fresh fruit juice.

    Uhm... I don't think I would want to watch the same movies over and over again so I'd also be fine without them. But I guess I could choose my favorite movies Forrest Gump, an American Beauty which I also like and two movies in Korean for my girlfriend.

    • Very nice bro... healthy, light and tasty... faithful too good man, and thoughtful to get those movies in another language... thanxs bro:)

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  • Hot guy: Either Adam Levine or Bruno Mars (I'll take whichever one dies on the plane crash)

    Food: Hot wings and Chicken & Shrimp Pasta Alfredo

    Drinks: Fruit punch, lemonade, and water

    Movies: The Hangover, The Notebook, Any good scary movie and I do mean scary, and The Little Mermaid (don't judge me)

    • Awesome answer... haha... good choices.. thank you for that... hey by the way I'm 38 and still love little mermaid, that little red crab cracks me up:)

    • 5 years on hot wings and chicken & shrimp pasta alfredo? I think by the time they'd rescue you, they would have to roll you off that island haha ;-)

  • My boyfriend, 1) Fruit smoothie 2) Chicken salad, 1) water 2) coconut oil 3) apple cider vinegar (not to drink, but its liquid so it counts?), 1) She's the Man, 2) Blue Mountain State (idc if thats a tv show, i love it) 3) Fight Club

    • All excellent choices... now I gotta check out Blue Mountain state... Apple cider vinegar dare I ask?

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    • to balance phd levels on face and its a good cleanse for your hair. thats all lol

    • LOL okay, haha you see I learned something...

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  • 1. My girlfriend; 2. rice and cereal (you can eat those all the time, most people do); 3. tea, lemonade and wine; 4. Uncle Buck; Mr. Mom; Wargames; Sideways. That shit does not get old. :)

  • Person: My friend Chelsea
    Food: Pizza and anything blue flavored.
    Drinks: Iced tea, Fruit Punch... anything blue flavored.
    Movies: Star Wars, Repo! The Genetic Opera, It's kind of a funny story, Elmopalooza

  • I would bring lots of chips and popcorn for the movie lol, and as for a movie, I'd watch the grudge lol XD Lots of cola, beer, and whisky lol.

    • Now that's wassup, but what about your chick... who would that be? And you got like four movies, maybe something I haven't seen u can suggest...

    • It'd be a cute japanese girl lol. I love japan!

    • Tokyo Drift... really want to go there, I here not only are the girls beautiful, but the Tech, and cars are the best.

  • My girlfriend, coke, whiskey, water, chicken noodle soup, steak, lasagna, Jurassic park, Star Wars return of the Jedi, Ted, Star Wars a new hope.

    • Awesome choices, so you think you'll like the new trilogy!!!

    • Maybe depends on how the first one is. That usually sets how the others will go
      ( damn prequels)

  • Girl: ... That's up in the air.

    Food: Pizza and cereal.

    Drinks, Milk, water, and lemonade.

    Movies: Something scary, something funny, and the rest is anime. ... Now gimme Netflix and/or a computer. lol.

  • My two foods would be protein smoothies, and Italian style Calzone's. The chick would be a person I personally know. The movies would be Princess Mononoke, Macross Plus, Samurai X love trust and betrayal (I love anime) and Dredd (2012 one not the crappy Sylvester Stallone one). Drinks would be Eagles Rare bourbon, sparkling water, and lemonade.

    • Sounds like a party... good freakin choices... I need to see Judge Dredd the new one... and Samuri X... cool bro