What is deep love? How is it different from regular love? Signs someone has deep love for you?



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  • I've been with my partner for eight years now. I've been in love before but I've not fallen in love with everyone I've had relationships with. When I told my SO that I loved him I meant it, and I felt like that was genuine love. After many years that love has developed into something so much deeper, so much more than I ever thought possible. It's as if the love I had before was buzzing throughout my body, in my arms and legs, in my flesh. But now it's settled deep in my heart and soul and whatever happens I don't think that will change. It has become unconditional.

    • YES!!! :p Are there any signs to look for when seeing deep love or do you and him/her just know?

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    • I think I might be in deep love with this dude but I dont want to assume I am.

      Thanks doe :D MH.

    • Thanks for the mho :)

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  • i don't think love has different grades

  • It doesn't mean anything more than just a symbolic word.

  • I think that when deeply in love, that person can't think straight anymore

    • I didn't downrate you.

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    • I'm blue by the way

    • Being sarcastic will get you nothing but hostility.

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