Have you ever saw a ghost or phantom-like figure in real life before?

I can recall one time when I was living with my aunt at her house 5 years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night (with everyone asleep) after hearing noises in the kitchen (spraying sounds from a device attached to the kitchen wall that sprays when it detects a person passing by). I went to the kitchen to go get a quick cup of a water, leaving the lights all off and bringing my cell phone with me to use as a flashlight. The next thing you know, I pointed my cell phone screen light at the island table and I see a white bald human-head like figure, hiding behind the island table. I couldn't really tell if it really was a ghost or I was just hallucinating. I just quickly walked backed to my bedroom after that.

There was one story that I've heard from someone in my neighborhood that there was a park in my hometown in Arizona (the park not being too far from my house) where there was a young woman who was r@ped and murdered at that same park over a decade ago and people saw the deceased woman's ghost/spirit walking from tree to tree at the park during the midnight. Any similar ghost stories that you like to share?

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  • I remember this one memory back from when I was 4 or younger.
    I crawled out of my cot and walked towards my mum's room but I saw a human-shaped light walking out of the room and look at me. I can't remember but I think it was my mum but as a ghost. It was like someone drew an outline of my mum and just filled the drawing with light.
    I could of just been dreaming though, I remember plenty of trippy dreams from back then.


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  • nope /:, unless that creepy ass woman i saw on the shower in my dreams counts as one


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  • Never saw one an d I kinda think I would have saw one by now if they were real


  • Yes. Presuming real-life includes when I was 6 and had a huge imagination.

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