Should my parents invite him?

So, a few weeks ago, my Grandmother had her 70th birthday party, and there were a lot of family friends. They bought their kids with them and the girl, started fighting with the boy in the Kitchen so the girls Mother went there to see what's going on. After that, the Father of the boy went there as well and accused her of having a shitty daughter and that she should control her own kid. Others went there because apparantly he could have hit her. Well, they were arguing but stopped. After a while when people started congratulating my granny, when it was the womans turn to shake her hand, the man stood up an said "why are you shaking her hand? it's not like you were invited!" then she told him to stop talking to her and so he got angry and starting screaming at her, he was shouting things like he is going to burn her kids alive and so on. Everyone was telling him to stop but he continued. After a while the woman started crying and everyone had to leave as an aftermath.

Now, my Dad is very angry and said he is not going to invite him to my birthday. We are planning to have my birthday party after we return from overseas, and if we won't invite him, his Mother is going to be angry, the Mother is not on good terms with the woman for some reasons, and said if we are going to invite her then they shoud leave them out of the group! My parents said they will invite the woman because she was always closer to us and never caused any problems to our family. They are both part of family, but i also used to have some bad moments with this guy, so i think we are better without him, what do you think?


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