What are 10 pro's of being you?

As the title states^^ Nowadays a lot of people are insecure and jealous of other people etc. but everyone has their own blessings! What are yours?😊


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  • It would have been nice if you'd started with your 10 points ;) :D

    Ok mine are
    1. I'm born with a personality that makes guys insecure with their girls when I'm around. Don't know why it happens but it's always happened
    2. My style of living, speech, clairvoyance etc is looked up to by many and vied by many as well
    3. I have a deep baritone voice which is a very powerful tool when combined with the right words
    4. I've been blessed with a good sense of understanding of almost anything
    5. Blessed with good empathy
    6. There's a sixth sense (intuition) which flashes and I've learnt never to control it & it's always right / correct
    7. I'm forever evolving i. e. changing for the better
    8. Insecurity, jealousy, envy etc have luckily never been my vices
    9. I can often give an extempore at drop of a hat to a 1000 strong audience (have done so on occasions) that apart from the fact that I can converse on almost anything given any point of time (provided the topic interests me)
    10. I'm the spider in 'King Arthur & the Spider' story :) Never say die attitude UNLESS i deem the outcome not worth the slog :D

    • Here is 11. To go with all above I'm pretty good looking :D

      Also know that with each and every good point I (or anyone else too) have there's a pitfall attached to each of them all the while :)

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    • Goddamn I don't know how I manage to go anon, seems it gets ticked automatically and I don't realize it lol

      Thank you, young lady for your kind and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) I wholly appreciate your gracious gesture :)

    • If you so wish I can also mention the negatives of these very same positive things lol :D

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  • -my hair
    -my skin colour
    -my face
    -my supposed intelligence
    -my pancake baking skills
    -my cooking skills
    -my open-mindedness
    -my drawing abilities
    -my really dark brown eyes
    -my will power
    thank you for helping me remind myself that i'm not all that bad :)

  • I am Thoughtful, Warm, Caring, Humourous, Genuine, Trustworthy, Helpful , Loyal, Lucky and LoL Very Modest.

  • I like the way you say it '10 pros'

    1 I'm calm, you won't see me freak out
    2 I'm reliable I'm 14, but I know a lot secrets from friends already
    3 I'm optimistic
    4 I love sports
    5 I love to learn new things
    6 I won't judge you if you talk to me and you're feeling down
    7 I think before I act, speak. I've been raised well
    8 Being sick does not stop be from going to school unless I really can't move
    9 Calming others down by talking sense into them
    10 I'm openminded

  • - average intelligence
    - less then average looks (could be worse so it´s a blessing)
    - kind to most people
    - rarely to never agressive
    - physically in good shape
    - healthy
    - nice family
    ... that´s all i can come up with.

  • Impeccable creativity
    Striving for excellence
    Can talk about anything
    Doesn't watch TV
    Nerdy Hobbies
    Amazing tastes in music, shows, and games
    Kinky as fuck
    Beautiful Eyes

  • i only need 3 and its because...

    I can think for myself

    I'm the best

    I'm a god.


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  • 1. I'm funny as heck
    2. I'm kinda cute sometimes
    3. I'm loyal
    4. I'm generous
    5. I make friends pretty dang easily.

    I don't even know if those are technically pro's. And I can't think of 10.

  • 1. An open mind
    2. Dimples (I like them :p )

    3. I consider myself to be a bit knowledgeable.

    4. I am friends with some amazing people. (As in total sweethearts, wise , kind, etc.)

    5. I read whenever I can.


  • 1. I make lazy look cool
    2. My IQ is about 30 points higher than average
    3. Really good at color coordination/designing
    4. I'm the most crazy, cool bitch you'll ever meet
    5. You ain't neva gonna forget me once you meet me
    6. I was an otaku before it was cool
    7. I've read most major Russian literature including Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.
    8. I like to collect pictures of 1800s actresses.
    9. I'm a Talmudist.
    10. Walrus. That is all.

  • I think the only pro that I have is my personality :/