What does this symbol mean?

Someone sent me this symbol in a text:

(1/1) I didn't text back what the symbol showed but instead said that I got a text from him at 1:25 AM but it didn't go through and I didn't know what it said. His response was "lol" I asked him what was so funny and what he said and he wouldn't answer me.

Does anyone know what that symbol means and possibly figure out why he thought it was funny when I asked him what it said?

Dude. Anyone who is saying they don't know stop it. You should only be answering if you have an actual idea of what it might be. I'm not accusing anyone in particular but I'm sure some of you found an easy way to answer this question just to get points.


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  • Googled:

    This [I-phone] emoticon is meant to mean that the person who has sent it to you is irritated or IRRITATED with you at this time. I received this emoticon before and was unsure of what it meant but my girlfriend told me that it was the irritated emoticon from her phone.

    • He doesn't have an iPhone. He has a basic flip phone. He has no reason to be irritated with me either.

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    • Haha, last oneMeans it's text one of one.
      A long text might take - say 5 text

      So I think you got the whole text, the symbol just showed up

    • Hmm I wonder why. He won't tell me so oh well.

  • I thought it meant.. 1 text message part of all the other paragraphs they sent at once