How to prove them that you actually like them and have feelings for them?

So, last night, my guy best friend called me while I was in the middle of being on netflix. We talked for an hour or so, and asked me if I like him. I thought about it for a quick seconds and I said yeah I did. But just saying that felt like I was lying to him. Cause, actions speaks louder than words. He said that he never had a girl that he would like for this long. When he said that, I felt special but didn't get ahead of myself. I was nervous that unexpectantly, I would change into something I'm not. I don't want that.


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  • It is good you told him just find time to talk to him more and work out what the connection is between you.

  • so wot bout his actiones then? does he seem 2 be interested?

    • His action, making most of the time to talk to me, talking to me while he's at work, calling me in the middle of the night just to talk to me. Saying goodmorning/night. Share his feelings. etc. And he seems to be interested.

    • ain't no doubt he's nterested then :)

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