Outdoor Wedding: What can be done about insects?

If I marry in the summer, bees will be all in the floral decor. If I marry in the winter, bees will be gone, but the guests may freeze.

Outdoor Wedding: What can be done about insects?

What to do about ants? Not sure if the reception will be indoors or not, but I want an outdoorsy ceremony.


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  • About a week or so before the ceremony sprinkle out a powdered substance in the area that you will be using called Seven Dust. No walking or crawling insect or most other critters will enter the area. It is quite cheap and can be found at any hardware store , Lowe's or Home Depot. It it should rain after application it may need to be reapplied

    • Whoa Thanks!!

    • Most welcome young Lady, and congratulations on you up and coming day

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  • ants? ants aren't so annoyin cpmpared wid bees... so b-kewl :p


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