If you could be anyone in history, who would you be and why would you want to be this person?


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  • Jim McCullar. Him and his wife won $380 mil in the Mega Millions lottery.

    • Yeah man that's a lot of dough imagine having all of that money. Imagine all of the cool things you can buy.

    • Exactly. Most problems i have in life right now could be fixed with money.

    • Yeah that is true. Money can fix anything.

  • Neil Armstrong just to be able to say I've stood on the moon

    • Yeah not to many people have stepped on the moon. That is like a rare opportunity to do. And imagine when you tell people hoe jealous they would be lol.

  • Noone - I never wanted to be famous

    • Lol their has to be someone that you at least admire or wanted to be?

  • Kim Jong Un , everybody would be cheering if they saw me and freak out ;D

    • He does get respect and everybody is afraid of him. That is power.

  • I would never want to be anyone else.

    • Their has to be some one you want be. It could be anybody.

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    • Who would you choose?

    • I don't man It would be tough because their would be so many I would want to choose and check out their time periods. I do know it would be somebody rich and very powerful in history.

  • Gaius Octavius also known as Augustus of the Roman Empire.
    Because who wouldn't want to be the first emperor of Rome and the adoptive son of Caesar himself?

    • Yeah being emperor sounds like it was fun and true being the first is always the best and being associated to Ceasar sounds like it would had been fun.

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