Do you know your rights as far as a traveler vs a driver?

The legal definition of driving/driver- One "EMPLOYED" in conducting a
coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other
animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a street
railroad car. See Davis v. Petrinovich, 112 Ala. 654, 21 South. 344, 36
L. R. A.615; Gen. St. Conn. 1902,
According to this definition which is the only correct definition and legit
definition, if you are not transporting goods or people for money, then
you are not driving, but simply traveling! So by law, if you are not profiting with the use of your vessel, then you are not required to obtain a drivers license. If you do not use your vehicle for commerce, then you are not required to obtain a commercialize tag (license plate).
Rights come from God, they are not granted by the state! The state cannot take away rights to gain a privilege. You have the right to travel, and to
travel unmolested (5th amendment). Driving is a privilege because you are profiting. Anytime you have the opportunity to make money it is a
privilege. Secondly, the DMV requires you to hand over papers and
documents that police, lawyers, and judges need warrants with
affirmation to obtain. A clear violation of the 4th amendment! The
correct term is conducting. Conducting means to guide or lead. By
steering and propulsion; you're conducting your vehicle! There is nothing in the constitution that states you need a license to conduct because that would infringe on your rights to travel!

The legal definition of
a person-In general usage, a human being; by statute, however, the term
can include firms, labor organizations, partnerships, associations,
corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in Bankruptcy,
or receivers.
A corporation is a "person" for purposes of the constitutional guarantees of equal protection of laws and Due Process of Law. <br


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