Select your favorite GAGer from the following based on their comments?

Which team are you with, based on their comments, not looks.

  • @Ihav2fart
    Vote A
  • @Klaatu51
    Vote B
  • @blondfrog
    Vote C
  • @cowboy6666
    Vote D
  • @mistnigqa808
    Vote E
  • @YourFutureEx
    Vote F
  • @hypno-trip
    Vote G
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Most Helpful Girl

  • @YourFutureEX is one of my Favs for sure here, dear but I cannot forget @Klaatu51 as well. xx

    • thanks queen of MHOs!! ^_^ :D

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    • xx))@YourFutureEX

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to share and... care.:)) xxoo

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