Am I the only one is who is completely confused by all this Jenner/Dolezal thing?

I'm 21 and I already feel like I'm from a different generation. Firstly, I'm a straight, white guy who feels like a straight white guy so maybe I'm never going to get a lot of this anyway but I'm really confused. Then I read this:

Apparently, some women have joked that a woman on Orange is the New Black has made them think about 'turning gay' and some have found that offensive.

So women joking about turning gay is a step too far but pretending to be black and announcing that you're now a woman named Caitlyn Jenner after 65 years of being Bruce is great.

I actually understood the Jenner thing but I have now lost any kind of common ground with the people who think all this is ok. I've competely given up on understanding any of this apart from asking this question (which is more of a rant than a request for information).

Also, an extra question for those of who you've read this far:

As a straight white guy, should I avoid any converstaion about race, gender, sexuality etc. around anyone that isn't straight, white and male to avoid causing offence?

The poll just refers to the question title though.

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  • It's confusing but then I realise I don't care.
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Also, some of the comments on that article are great.

"Seriously don’t compliment anyone or criticise anyone, or have an opinion, or at least don’t express it….. , quick hide, in case you blink in a prejudiced manner."

"Can’t say anything these days with someone calling you on it."
"Ah you can’t say that now lads"

"Each to their own I suppose."
"I wouldn’t say that Will, you might offend someone!"


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  • It's pretty simple actually. Caitlin Jenner is open and honest about who she is and what she's experienced.

    Dolezal is not. She sued her school for discriminating against her but then did the same things to her students. She is playing at being a person of color to the point that she makes up lies about the people she's related to, hate crimes committed against her, and uses all of it to foster more hate so she herself can have more attention. The woman needs help.

    A person being transitioning to the correct gender under several doctors' supervision is more than fine.

    A person actively lying and using those lies to spread more hate while working for an organization that is *against* hate is wrong.

    Clear now?

    • I'm pretty sure that Jenner is still biologically a man. She hasn't had gender reassignment surgery. She dresses like a woman, has had cosmetic surgery to appear more like a woman and refers to herself as a woman but still is a man and people refer to her as she.

      If Dolezal had cosmetic surgery to look black and referred to herself as black, would she be black?

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    • You were. I know it may have sounded confrontational but I'm white, straight and male living in an area of mostly white people. Really personal social issues like this are actually a little confusing to me.

    • No worries. I know I'm not fantastically great at understanding it either. The most important thing is to legitimately try to learn and be conscientious of others. I still have to look things up myself and I would be really lost if I hadn't been on tumblr for a year.

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  • There is no sense to be made from Rachel. There is no such thing as "transracial" so you can rest your head on that one.

    • I'm sure they said the same thing about transgender 100 years ago.

    • "transracial" and transgender are two totally different things.
      One is cultural appropriation and really offensive, the other is a gender identity and not offending anyone except transphobic people.

  • Why would your race dictate whether you can or can't understand certain situations?

    Is whitey naturally unable to understand "progressive" scenarios because of the evil he's committed in his time?

    • Well whenever I read something about sexism or racism, I often see the line that men/white people 'my not understand'.

    • *may not my