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Before I start I want to say I'm black African Caribbean.
Today I was ready some racist shit between black and whites , most of the people on there was Americans. They where post different memes about black and white people and they where very hurtful to both races. And I didn't like it. It seems like black people are still hurt about what happened in the past and they think all white people are racist and hate or skin color but at the end of the day we didn't choose or skin tone it was God and obviously if you hate the skin color we where giving your hating on God's creation. !
AND for black people that dislikes white people need to cut it out they are quick to get upset when a white person call them niggers but yet the word "Nigga" flows out their mouths like water. I've met some white people that was so nice to me and my family. My mother was born in 1971 Band spent the summer with some white people in the United States.. but then again I don't know what it's really like in AMERICA , white people down here dating blacks and they don't get criticized. Question , what do you hate and like about a black person and for black people why do you get so offended when a white person says "Black Person" or says something about "not having a father " being a "thug"

At the end of the day , we where born the same but just different skin tones. Cut a black person open and a white person open and we all bleed red

Sorry about some of the words I was kind of rushing it , I'm on my way to get my report card


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  • Well its only human that people want to find SOMETHING, shit anything, that makes them feel superior. But since you don't like in America, you really don't know its still racist like every other place you go to. Just depends on where.

    First off, not every black person you see says nigga like its air. It depends on where. Where I grew up, yes we said nigga like it was air. But it was in friendly terms, from one black guy to the next. n** was a different story, especially if it was said by a white guy with a southern accent. They know exactly what the fuck they're doing. We are not friends and we aren't cool, I don't know them and they don't know me. Thats why I take offense.

    As a black person, I get offended as hell when people don't know me and assume I don't know my father, my brothers and I are all thugs, we're illiterate, and calls me a n** just because I'm black. What the hell? I don't assume, as a white person (cause its always been white people to me personally) that you're either a spoiled little kid who'll soon be a crack head, a whore, or using with no sense of responsibility and respect. I don't assume you're an inbred redneck who fucks your sisters, mothers, and animals. I don't assume shit about you or your family, so what the hell gives you the right to do it to me?

    Oh and see the look on their faces when I tell them my future plans...

    So yeah, we all bleed red and get either burned or buried 6ft under. But some people can't get that concept no matter how hard you try.

    I can be very polite to anyone, but I do remember one time I saw a lady obviously struggling with lots of stuff at Wal-Mart. I went over to help and asked if she needed it. She turned to me and said, why? I said it looks like she's struggling. "Well I don't want your help, I know you're just going to rob me like all you niggers do so go away before I call the police. I know they have warrants out for you anyway." So explain THAT to me and why I shouldn't get offended by it.


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  • People are just flawed. We have become a critical mass always judging those around us and the more different, the more we judge.
    For me, it all depends on the person. I have met black people I love, and black people I dislike immensely. I have had the same experience with white people.
    I try to give a person a fair shot, but I am guilty of judging as well. If I see a person with saggy pants and oversized tshirt with a ball cap on, I do think "thug" just like if I see a person in designer everything, I think "snob" but I don't know those people or their situation and it isn't fair to judge them simply by their outward appearance. Still working on trying not to do that.

  • i agree with you.

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