Advice on learning java programming?

Hello, I've decided to self teach myself java, for the purpose of game programming. School is out of the quesiton for me due to work and money. I've started watching a series on youtube by thenewboston. Problem is i've never self taught myself anything before and its really hard and i'm really bad at it so far. I was hoping for some advice, as in good habits, and more importantly, maybe additional sources to help me out such as useful literature for complete amatures

Well i'm just, "short" term, looking to make simple indie stuff, i really admire the indie scene, would java not be sufficient Regardless of its popularity?
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  • Don't bother with java if your goal is game programming. Learn C++ and C#.

    • I figured it'd. be simple

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    • Look up Unity. It's a game engine / game development suite that makes everything extremely easy. Plus there are plenty of tutorials for it everywhere on the web. It uses c# for coding. You can get pretty quick results with this without putting in too much effort.

    • mmmm so should i look up C tutorials, or unity i'm a bit confused xD

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  • Dude, forget about Indie stuff and take this seriously. Skilled Java programmers make a fortune. Take a class and learn another language while you are at it. Maybe C++.

  • For gaming I'd recommend C++, if your just starting and want to have a easier time then go for Ruby or Python.
    Java For Dummies as well as others in the book series are my favorite to start with,
    they are extremely helpful and start from the absolute beginning assuming you have no prior knowledge at all. If you need any help feel free to message me.

  • Try teach yourself java in 24 hours by Rodgers Cadenhead. It's good for beginning