Atheists, how would you react if?

How would you react if you were complaining about religion or religious people and then a religious person just started laughing?

I honestly think that's the default reaction of every religious person, the just have manners so they wouldn't.


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  • It wouldn't happen to me because I wouldn't complain to a religious people about religion in the first place. That's like, you know, talking about hating black people against a black person. It's not done in my book unless it's an intellectual discussion.

    From what I've seen most get upset though, or throw really warped logic at you to counter your opinion. But I don't mingle in it.

    • Can you really have an intellectual discussion about being racist though? And how often do religious people want to have intellectual discussions with you?

    • "Can you really have an intellectual discussion about being racist though?" It would be close to impossible but I was referring more to the religion bit. I've had some very interesting discussions with my religious foster-parents.

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  • why was said person complaining to begin with? curious

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  • I think that's a common reaction of any person when faced with something they find ridiculous. I've laughed on the inside before, while I was being preached to.

    • Me too and I think that's okay. What makes you the standup guy is how you out it. Just don't.

  • I would laugh with him and get along well