Should I invite him over or not?

Okay so there's this guy I have a little crush on and we both want to hand out. He's asked where I live so we could chill and he wants to just sit around and smoke. So I've been thinking about that for about 3 days or maybe 2 now and I don't know if I should because if he comes I have no idea what's gonna happen. I know he's a good guy and wouldn't do something crazy but I don't know if it'll go further then intended and I wouldn't mind if it does but I don't want to end up pregnant or something. What should I do?


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  • Just invite him over and hang out - Take a slow pace and be sure what you are doing


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  • I think you are just too concerned, I am not saying your concerns are totally wrong. How long have you know him?

    • I've known him for a whole school year

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    • But he's a pretty nice and sweet guy

    • Okay, then you can try you don't really need to worry too much, but just be alert anyways.

  • If you believe in Jesus go read Ephesians 5. That is how God wants a husband to be to his wife. Dont mess up your life and get a good education. Get a man with a good education also and then have as many kids if you can after you are married. Dont risk the rest of your life on something like this. Seek the Kingdom first and all the rest will be added.


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