Why do I talk fine when at home when I communicate with myself?

But in public I stutter and talk jibberish.

Its not like i'm nervous or anything it just happens.

This is a serious question this time. I know I've gained a bad reputation around here, but I'm willing to change.


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  • Maybe you have social anxiety and it manifests in difficulty communicating? Have you tried talking to your doctor about it?

    • I do... but I rarely get nervous.

      And no.

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    • Then I'd have to pay money for something and I want to avoid that route.

      I went to him about more mood swings and all he did was prescribe me medication that didn't work.

    • There's usually at least one low cost or sliding scale clinic in an area to help defray costs. If a medication that affects your mental health isn't working, you should def talk to them about it.

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  • A lot of people like this so don't worry - Try and relax then confidence will come

  • Anxiety can be so subtle you won't even notice it much. Regardless of how you feel, everyone is under pressure more in a social situation.

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