GOP is afraid of Donald Trump. How are they going to stop the damage?

How are the other GOP presidential candidates going to defend themselves against Trump? He's not afraid to slam them for being underlings of lobbyist Sith lords anymore than he's afraid of slamming Hillary for the same exact thing. And despite the Republican base being driven to vote by strict anti-Democratness, the polls prove they hate lobbyist control of politicians as much as anyone else. He's also not afraid to say the obvious, that we don't need another Bush, or that Ben Carson is a nincompoop. He will probably attack Walker for being a Charles & David Koch lackey. How is the GOP going to stop the damage from Trump?


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  • they will bs their way through like they always do.


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  • Trump is a loud mouth asshole who doesn't know one goddamn thing about running a country, sure he's a hell of a business man, but as far as the leader of a country is concerned? He is badly lacking in the proper qualifications. All of the candidates, if they have enough money, can sling just as much shit as Tramp, and no that's not a typo, can. He has a far too notorious reputation to be taken very seriously on anything he says to try and bash the other candidates, and will inevitably fail at his umpteenth shot for president. And besides, I kind of like Jeb Bush, he seems a lot more intelligent than his brother ever was.

    • He's not trying to win the presidency. He's trying to gain notoriety to publicize his name and image. That's his business. He will out-republican the rest of them, and they'll have no way to counter without looking like a Democrat. You may like Jeb, but the GOP base doesn't. Trump is going to emphasize the reasons why they don't.

    • Well then that's the way it is I suppose, I still don't think people will ever take Trump seriously about anything, decisions and minds have been made up about the GOP candidates long before Trump ever tried to sling shit at them.

    • TRump a hell of a business man, but with four bankruptcies? Woow!

  • Didn't trump get laughed down last time he announced he was going to run?

    • But then he didn't actually run. This time he will run and be up there on the debates.

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