Where did past religious fanatics learn that it was ok to torture and burn people to death?

It was during a horrible time centuries ago obviously. I was impacted the very first time of hearing about Joan of Arc. What a horrific and inhuman death by those very same people that pray and were into forgiveness.

That is so contradicting. How could anyone at the time believe in praying and forgiving but those very same people were ok with torturing others and burning someone alive to death? That's the complete opposite of forgiving.

Where were their level of empathy? I'm an atheist and I wouldn't even do that to an animal.


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  • Well for starters society went down the Drain with the fall of Rome. Lets start of with the fact that no one really agreed on what the cannon of christianity should be so they held the councel of Nicea in which they chose what was to be 'cannon' and what was to be concidered a heresy. This is because Emperor Constantine wanted to unite the empire under one religion. And as we can see when politics and religion combine the combination can be rather Ugly. When we get to the middle ages the conditions were just right for people to abuse religion as people were very ignorant, superstitious , and were very afraid of hell. At this point life was very terrible so they were more concerned about their soul in the next life than life here. They were also concerned about other people's souls especially in the case of heretics. And being ignorant they derived the belief that buy burning the person they could give them a last chance to absolve their sins and to renounce their heresy thus save their souls. It is truly very complex and if you watch these set of documentaries called the secret files of the inquisition you could perhaps understand how or why people believed these things. Also people in power just took advantage of the situation. Anyways here you go it is 4 episodes. The first is on the Cathars and the next one is on the conversos or Spanish jews who were forced to convert.



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  • I think some religious zealots came up with some way to "cleanse" someone who was suspected of being controlled by the devil.

    You have to remember how stupid people were back then, even now. I think I heard that in the Puritan days you would submerge a woman who was suspected of being a witch. If she drowned then that meant she was innocent. Well laddi fucking da right? Now that innocent woman is dead.

    Are you that same chick that argued with me about the influence of religion on crimes against humanity? Let this one go.

    • I don't recall that post you're referring to, just came up with this now. My younger brother had a school assignment on Joan of Arc and well she came up to my long ago memory. I was a teen when first seeing the movie and hearing of her.

      Yes, it's incredible how stupid they were that they didn't make sense at all. And if they truly wanted to cleanse someone, burning them by fire is the complete opposite. Cleansing would be apply some type of holy water and say you forgive them but let them live.

    • ... well, you have to be crazy to think crazy. Who knows what they were thinking.

  • Stalin was an athiest too. It isn't the religion its the people. It just seems that way because athisim was no wide spread enough. Besides which they lived in a time where life was very hard and any little thing could kill you so they were particularly paranoid.

  • Sounds like Islam

    • Actually, a bishop of the Catholic Church was responsible for the execution of Joan of Arc.

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    • @yusibear

      So why does ISIS do it?

    • @manthatknewtoomuch Isis are a politically motivated terrorist organization. They use religion as a cover.
      Torturing and beheding people is proof that Isis are not following Islam.

  • Europe wasn't always so civilized.

    • True but empathy is something I always had. No one taught me that. As an atheist, I wouldn't even be able to even kill a chicken in that horrible manner, even if I had to eat. I would try an instant and painless death for the chicken.

      So if killing even a chicken would be so difficult for me, I can't imagine doing what they did.

    • Well I can't say for sure. Not everyone back then was like that only a few people... hey may have deadened their conscience and accepted a lower standard for their society... Also I'm religious but I don't think religious people always know how to think clearly.

  • They got these rituals from extraterrestrials. Malevolent extraterrestrials invaded this planet, tampered with the human genome, and brainwashed them to do these crazy things. These malevolent extraterrestrials call themselves gods.


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