Your relationship turned into a mermaid (or merman). Would you rather have human upper body/ fish lower or human lower body / fish upper?

Ok, so this has been an argument of discussion among my friend group for the last 30 minutes. I apologize for the randomness of the question, but I need to sort this out before it turns into a full blown debate.
The situation:
Your loved one (gf, boyfriend, wife, husband, crush) turned into a mermaid or merman. Would you rather have this person be a fish for the upper part (as in a fish head until belly button or so) or would you rather have this person be fish for the lower part (think like from The Little Mermaid). Assume this mermaid/merman has the personality of a human regardless and as such thinks like a human even if they have fish head. Other than that, the fish parts are like a large fish.

My thoughts:
Personally I thought that it would obviously make sense to have a fish lower body. I mean, you want to have personality to your relationship, right? So they may not be able to walk around, but it is still better than having it the other way around, uhh, I think. Some of my friends are swearing that the other way around is better though.

Your thoughts? I need to see if I'm just crazy or if some of my friends are crazy.

  • I'd want... Upper Body = fish, Lower Body = human
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  • I'd want... Upper Body = human, Lower Body = fish
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  • I'm really confused to how this question came about, but I'm at least curious to see the results.
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  • Upper means u need water to breathe and stay alive so u can't stay on land as long as the lower so ill go with lower HAWT body 💋


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  • At least she's still got boobs and a face. I would still hit that.

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