Which shocking scene from GOT do you think is the best?

If your post contains spoilers, please put "SPOLIERS" warning.

The red wedding?
The black wedding?
Any of the wars that I can't name?
When a certain character got murdered?


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  • I'm weird because I didn't care about the red wedding, I was glad to see that bitch mom go, she was beyond annoying to me and her son was a momma's boy.

    Plus what was Sansa expecting, she's a dumb twit who has made the most awful decisions since the beginning of the show.

    I didn't even like Jon Snow but i felt his death was cheesy and unjustified, he did all of that work and put so much heart into everything and gets killed by these trash thieves and rapist rejects who think they're better then other people.

    The most shocking parts to me was seeing Stannis burning his daughter, I actually liked him before that, I was so disappointed that he was so whipped by that red bitch and power hungry enough to kill his own daughter.

    I also was shocked and excited to see Arya kill Meryn Trant.

    Prince Oberyn's death broke my heart!

    And the saddest feeling for me was when I thought Drogon was going to be killed by those spears, I was so scared lol


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  • I don't think that certain character is gonna stay dead. If we're referring to the same person which I'm pretty sure we are.

    Ned's death was uncalled for
    The red wedding was a big shocker!
    Oberyns death pissed me off! But it was awesome.
    The white walker attack when Jon snow arrived to the wildling camp had me sweating hahah
    I would have to say the red wedding was he best shocker though.
    All scenes are executed excellently. GOOD SHOW! JOLLY GOOD SHOW!

  • That the head of one man exploded because someone put his thumbs in his eyes was kind of shocking, it was in season 3 i think.

  • *Spoiler*
    The wedding were Rob Stark and Co were massacred.
    Maybe Arya stark torturing the child molester

  • The scene when your favorite character died.


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