What would you do if you were in this financial and life situation?

First of all. I love my father.

For the majority of my life, my father has been abusive to me. So much it crippled my life. I lost my ability to speak. I was so stressed, I couldn't work and on top of that I had an enormous anxiety disorder. I couldn't even leave the house for a few years. Because of that, I couldn't work on my own and my father couldn't understand. I worked with him and helped him with work. ... I think my dad used work as an escape from his childhood, that's why he never wanted to stop. It gets complicated...

The last 3/4 years I've found resources online and I've grown a lot. My dad passed away recently and left me with the house. If sold, it would generate around 1 million.

I have no skills. I worked at my dads business. I closed it and sold the building for 250,000$

Over the last few months my mind has expanded. Life has changed. But, I don't know what to do. The effects of abuse when I was young are still exerting a strong influence on my life. But I've been recovering.

I don't know much about finance or much about life. Abuse has really kept me sheltered. I've lived in Canadas largest city - Toronto for my whole life, never really seeing much of toronto.

What should I do? I really need some help. Some concrete or good ideas. Not run of the mill ones.


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  • Time to grow up, son, dad's not around anymore. I know how you feel, really. And whatever you did working to your father, it was experience and you had actually used some skills in this.

    Make a simple list of things you need to do and goals, and follow it.

    First of all, get to know yourself more: what do you like or would like to do? Do any of your hobbies or tastes could be used professionally? What are your strengths? Invest in these. Therapy may help, but the real deal is in yourself. The way you think about yourself is the way you will face the world - make sure it is positive or you'll live miserably.

    Learn a trade, new skills, something that you feel like doing. Go to a College or similar and do it. There are people who are professional career advisors: make a little research and, if you're lost, talk to them (be careful about scammers or bs, though).

    Meanwhile, do try to be more social. Learn how to use your soft skills that everybody has inside and make friends and networking. Engage in volunteering.

    About money, make some research: there are banks and other companies that may help you to decide how to invest your money in a wiser and based on economics way. Do not buy everything they throw at you, just the stuff you see it is more likely to be your thing.

    I wish you good luck and a nice welcome to your new life, man.


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  • Get a therapist to help you make sense of things and see your life with better clarity. You need to resolve the trauma before you can really do anything else.

    Are you happy to travel out of your birth country and open eyes to new things? Do you have mean goals or end goals?

  • Check up with a therapy?
    Do some more online research on it and start applying those little by little in your daily life


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  • AirBNB a couple of rooms in your house. That way, you'll earn a small income and get plenty of experience meeting and talking to new people.

    Because of your issues with working, I wouldn't recommend you selling your assets. In the long term, maybe rent out the house, and live in something a bit more modest. Keep expanding your mind and consider travelling. Put the $250k in a managed fund that earns 2-5% a year.

  • I would research online counselling services to help through this stage of your life

  • You need to make SOME friends

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