Best player to ever play in the NBA?

If rings = best then Bill is best

If points = Best then Jabber is best

If scoring = Best then Wilt is best

If great shooter = best then Bird is best

If talent = best then Oscar is the best

If great performer = best then Dr. J is the best

  • Bill Russell
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  • Kareem Abdul Jabber
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  • Oscar Robertson
    Vote C
  • Pete Maravich
    Vote D
  • Larry Bird
    Vote E
  • Wilt Chamberlin
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  • Julius Erving or Other
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  • Where's Mike? Michael Jordan is the best in history, he didn't just win it all, but he also changed the game, he had people on their feet, constantly.

    • if i had the refs on my side i'd win it all too.

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    • lebron was down 2 star players.

      That's like jordan without Pippen or Grant. He wouldn't have won without them.

      Anyways jordan got lucky.

    • True, every player, no matter how good they are, needs someone right next to them. But still, LeBron had a great team with Kyrie (until he got injured), Iman, JR, Mozgov, Tirstan Thompson, and the revelation Dellavedova, plus he also had the refs on his side during the whole PO, not only him, but his whole team (timeout incident against the Bulls).
      I'm not a hater of LeBron, I actually like him, but he's a clear example of what is to lose even when the refs on your side.

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  • I have no idea but I heard my friends talking about it and they were saying Larry bird was - So I will vote for them

  • Kareem baby!!!

    "i heard he had to tape his dick to his thigh because it would hang out of his shorts
    I guess the skyhook wasn't his only weapon" ;p lmao!!!
    i forgot who told me this but yeah lol

  • Michael Jordan!!!

  • 1. Kareem Abdul Jabber
    2. Julius Erving
    3. Magic Johnson

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