What is the craziest thing you would do for a lifetime supply of money?

Don't get me wrong, I think there is much more to life than money and I don't even have a strong desire to be wealthy but it would be nice to be "set for life" with cash, so I wouldn't have to stress out over money anymore.

The craziest thing I would do is cut off one of my toes. I can live without one of my middle toes really. I mean they are arguably the least important limbs on our bodies.

@Not_Helping I will say, you would do the craziest thing compared to other people who answered this question lol.


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  • I would work for it.

    • How is that "crazy"?

      Well, I guess it's crazy to think you can actually work enough to be set for life (I mean it's pretty much impossible lol.)

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    • @Not_Helping I never said you had to change your answer.

    • It's not crazy actually. But the chances are just very slim depending on what it is you do. A dead-end won't ever make you wealthy unless you're the one creating then.

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  • I am very lucky that I don't need money so I would not be tempted.

  • Smoke weed

    • If this is the craziest thing you would do for a lifetime supply of money, you must not be very courageous or not care too much for money (and this is coming from someone who has never touched weed.)

    • I never tried the stuff

    • I haven't either (as I said) but it's not very harmful, so I could pull it off.

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