Anyone have any suggestions for cutesy YA romance novels?

I'm looking for stuff in the same catagory as what Rainbow Rowell and David Leviathan write... just cute stuff with no real plot that's easy to read and makes you happy. Preferably with semi-realistic characters and minimal dystopian-vampire bullshit (also nothing by john green). THANK YOU


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  • Okay, so the protagonist is Ted right? And Ted meets Carla, but Ted and Carla are trying to make amends for Carla's past because she used to be a thief due to her drunk mom but now she wants to come clean. They are in High School. The book will be called "Remission". What do you think?

    • if you figure out why ted wants to get involved with a thief and what carla needs to do to come clean to her crimes then i'd say you've got some sort of novel going there. good job steve. two thumbs up.

    • ; _ ; I feel so blessed.

    • ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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